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March 2 – 3, 2020 | TITANIC Chaussee Berlin, Germany

Achieving Full Automation: The No. 1 European event on technical challenges for vehicle automation L4+
Tech.AD Europe is the leading technical, autonomous vehicle development event for OEMs, tier ones, automotive suppliers, startups and academia bringing together 350+ stakeholders playing an active role in the vehicle automation scene!

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Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dariu Gavrila, Head of the Intelligent Vehicles Group

After 20 years at Daimler R&D, Prof. Dr. Dariu Gavrila, recently moved back to academia to head up the Intelligent Vehicles and Cognitive Robotics section at TU Delft.

Over his career Prof. Gavrila has focused on visual systems for detecting humans and their activity, with application to intelligent vehicles, smart surveillance and social robotics. He led the multi-year pedestrian detection research effort at Daimler, which was incorporated in the Mercedes-Benz S-, E-, and C-Class models (2013-2014). He is frequently cited in the scientific literature and received the I/O 2007 Award from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Application Award 2014. His personal Website is www.gavrila.net

Europe's Premier Automated Vehicles Event

Our mission:

  • Be an active part of the autonomous driving & automated reality
  • Explore how vehicle automation will change technology concepts, architectures, software platforms, ADAS, sensor fusion further technical requirements
  • Discuss the challenges of AI supported, cognitive cars in regards to complexity and penetration of in-vehicle infotainment systems and ADAS
  • Discover latest trends in sensor and perception technology and insights into environmental models and sensor fusion concepts
  • Cover the full scope of vehicle automation from the market leaders & new market players
  • Approach new technical challenges and disruptive technologies

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Where else in Europe can you find hundreds of projects and vehicle automation budgets under the same roof?

Get involved as a business partner as our events are a one-stop-shop opportunity to promote thought-leadership and get face-to-face with over 350 key prospects. The Automotive Tech.AD offers the best in class opportunity to introduce yourself as a thought leader to ADAS and automation executives.

Automotive Tech.AD Sessions

The 2.5-day event is a unique combination of inspirational keynotes, well-moderated, interactive World Café and Challenge your Peers sessions, Icebreakers, morning as well as training sessions and much more.

Be part of our exclusive platform that explores business models, case studies, actions and profitability and identify missing gaps that hide opportunities, chances and potential solutions for your technical and business challenges.

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… not sponsors. The Automotive Tech.AD is a unique event in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support them to reach their targets and inspire innovation. Position your business as a thought leader at the Automotive Tech.AD and become a partner today!

A great place to meet people in the industry to build relations, get new contacts and talk about what’s hot and what’s not.
Anna Pernestål Brenden
KTH, Sweden
Great networking opportunity with plenty of interactive discussion formats.
Robin Schubert
BASELABS GmbH, Germany
A very interesting exchange with all major actors involved in Autonomous Driving.
Laurent Chassoux
JTEKT, France
Opening new horizons in a positive habitat.
Hakan Erduran
2GetThere, The Netherlands
The interactive sessions were fantastic.
Baro Hyun
Hyundai Motors, South Korea
Good opportunity to meet people working on automated driving and future mobility from different points of view (e.g, customers, OEMs, Tier1s, planners).
Patrick Heinemann
Audi AG, Germany
The technical content and networking was excellent
Dr. Brendan Chan

The Tech.AD Business & Technology Sessions

  • Level 3 & 4 – Challenges for virtual & real life testing, validation & simulation
  • Will software be the future differentiator of automated cars? In addition, what does it needs? Scalable, platform-independent software architectures for ADAS and automated driving ‒ Is the V Model still valid or do we need to restructure the development process?
  • Fail-operational automated driving architectures – What are the challenges in development and testing? In addition in which extent will the number of test cases increase with a higher level automation?
  • How does automated driving impact the user experience? Autonomous driving from an end-user and usability perspective
  • Automated parking ‒ Architecture / integration, modular functional development & strategic implications
  • Deep Driving ‒ Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning & Deep Driving in Automotive ‒ What are state of the art algorithms for computer vision and machine learning including those most important for the automotive industry?
  • What are the newest concepts, challenges, use cases & game changers to the new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles?
  • Safety and Risk Issues for Self Driving Cars ‒ Consider the requirements of cyber security in a variety of system layouts e.g. integrated network and centralised processor, to establish what layout offers the most secure architecture
  • Ergonomic Design of the Vehicle Motion in an Automated Driving Car ‒ What is a concept for the design of an automated driving system that uses the driver’s motion perception to feed back the automation system’s state and intention & which design & interaction concept do we need in which level of automation according to SAE?
  • Embracing the ecosystem of Automated Mobility on demand ‒ Explore how Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD) will fill societal gaps for first mile and last mile public transportation, redefining the field of mobility
  • Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Systems: Hype vs. Reality

The Tech.AD Technical Sessions

  • What is a highly scalable architecture and function path from Assisted to Automated Driving?
  • New SPAD sensor technology ‒ from Architectures to Applications
  • Relaying on LIDAR Sensor Technology to Master Complex Traffic Scenarios ‒ Assessing future opportunities and challenges with LiDAR adoption for vehicle perception
  • What is the potential role of the tire technology for safe autonomous driving? How can the tire sensor enhance automated driving?
  • On-The-Road Beta Testing and verification for autonomous driving – What are the challenges? In addition, how can recent advances in modeling, verification, and implementation technologies simultaneously reduce and accelerate the required testing and verification effort?
  • What are the requirements future complexity driven by Level 3 & 4 automation?
  • Architecture needs for automated driving ‒ How do you envisage the architecture that will need to be implemented to deliver automated driving (Level 3 and above)?
  • Vehicle Automation and the importance of Radar Sensors ‒ Why is environmental perception and understanding of the backbone of driverless cars important?
  • Novel LiDAR sensing technology: A new approach to detection and ranging- Implementation of high-performance LiDAR flash and LiDAR scanning micro-mirrors for autonomous driving applications
  • From Fail-Safe components to operational safe systems for Automated Driving ‒ How is operational safety looking beyond ISO 26262?
  • How is System-Theoretic Safety & Security Analysis with STPA-Sec working & which are the safety architecture solutions needed to be discussed?
  • Cognitive Cars & Vehicles – Challenges for imaging, perception sytems and AI
  • Expectations on AI ‒ Detection and recognition of multiple objects, improved perception, reduced power consumption, improved object classification, recognition and prediction of actions, and reduction of  development time of ADAS systems.
  • Deep learning architecture in embedded systems

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Taking Place at

TITANIC Chaussee Berlin, Germany


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