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The award-winning AD & ADAS conference is designed for bringing advanced engineers & automotive experts from OEMs, Tier Ones, suppliers & leading research institutes to the next level. If you are working on the future of ADAS, AI/ML/DL, sensor and perception technologies, software architectures, or any other area of autonomous driving, Tech.AD Europe is probably the most interesting and fun way to discuss your challenges with colleagues, network with partners, and return to your desk full of inspiration.
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“It was a bug that invented cars before computers.”

Eric Emerson Schmidt, american computer scientist and manager



Advanced Computer Vision: What is the most state of the art algorithms for computer vision and machine learning in AD?

Sensor Fusion & Perception: How to break the fundamental robust perception gaps for ADAS & AV to deliver unprecedented robust accuracy of dense depth perception? What are latest approaches to sensor fusion in automotive perception?

Environment Perception in the City: How to create and use the datasets & annotations?

OEM Data Factories: Who operates which data factories and what does this mean for independent AV/ AD development?

Mapping L3+: How to produce reliable maps for L3 + L4 Autonomous Driving? What are the latest updates?

Camera & Imaging: What are the latest developments in camera image quality?

Radar, LiDAR and thermal imaging: How to leverage RADAR, ultrasonic, LiDAR and thermal imaging?

Architecture and data flow: What are latest AI and machine learning considerations for AD architecture and data flow?

Data Processing and AI – Software Architectures and Hardware Challenges: What are the most challenging topics to bringing AI approaches in a cost-efficient way into serial software development?

Beyond the hype – From ADAS to AD and back to ADAS: What does the future hold for autonomous vehicles? Is SAE level 5 a realistic scenario?

ADAS & Ready to market: What are the open technical challenges that we still need to resolve to get the products to market? What is the evolution and current maturity levels of ADAS? And how ADAS function capabilities and limitations contribute to the journey of high automation? What are the biggest challenges for OEMs and Tier1s now?

Software-Defined Vehicles: What do we need to implement a rapid transformation of our automotive software development toward a software-defined vehicle? How to build an ADAS / AD platform supporting the transformation towards Software Defined Vehicles?

Autonomous Trucking – Vision, Current State, and Challenges: What is the state of this development area and how should you deal with the now rapidly increasing demand and accompanying requirements?

Testing, simulation & verification processes: Which simulation & verification processes in ADAS and autonomous driving systems are the current state and how can we integrate them down the product development cycle? What are challenges in simulation and robust validation of sensor systems, including digital twins and training data and how to deal with them?

Safety: How can it be proven that an autonomous driving function and system is continuously safe? Does a L4 passenger car need a driver monitoring system? If yes, then at what safety integrity level?


Tech.AD, as global exchange platform, brings together all stakeholders leading the development and technical future of autonomous vehicles & ADAS, AI & Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Imaging, LiDAR & Radar Systems, Sensor Fusion, Operational Safe Systems & Testing & Validation, Simulation & Software Architectures. Tech.AD is a unique event because of the relationships we have with our partners. We support our selected partners achieve their targets and inspire innovation at our high-profile event with the most elite audience.
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Testi 2 Head of Camera Perception ADAS & AD Marco Jähnisch Very good event even after two years of look down . Good Talks, Networking and good discussions. I would not change anyting. Testi 5 Dwayne Holst I really enjoyed the show, there was a lot of very good information shared at the event that has my head processing quite a bit of future scenarios. The conference was very professional and everything was spot on, I will be looking to escalate our presence next year. Director of Product Marketing Testi 5 Seyed Majid Azimi Artificial Intelligence Researcher This year’s Tech.AD was wonderful. Significantly more companies approached us. We had a change to meet more relevant people. Thank you for your great support and fantastic planning of the event. Testi 5 Patrick Heinemann
Good opportunity to meet people working on automated driving and future mobility from different points of view (e.g, customers, OEMs, Tier1s, planners).
Audi AG
Testi 4 Francisco Lumbreras Arcos
Once again the opportunity has been incredible and we will stay in touch for other future events!
Software, Vehicle Dynamics & Machine Learning Research Engineer
Testi 3 Luc van Gool
I enjoyed the Berlin conference. A good organization always makes a big difference, thanks
Professor Computer Vision



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